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There's no such thing as "Free Dental"  is there?  I've looked and searched and asked and did everything in my power that I could think of to find a Free Dentist.  There seems to be no one out there that is willing to help us with all our teeth problems. 

Sometimes we all go down the wrong road and may not be as responsible as a person as what we should be - but all in all - I'm a good person.  Had a great life once upon a time.  But when it rains it definately pours!!  Its been pouring on me for a very long long time now.  I need a job so bad and my mouth (teeth) is the only thing keeping me from it.

Dental problems are no laughing matter.  The have help for the young and for the old but those in between it seems theres no help at all.  If anyone knows where you can go and get help for dental problems then please post a post on here so we all can read it.  At the moment I have no job, living with my son, lost my boyfriend and my house.  I could go on and on but I'm sure everyone has heard or lived or living this story before. 

I hope and pray that one day I can come up with an answer that would help me and all those in the same situation to solve or problems.  To add to it, I have 2 pit bull dogs which I have to find them a place to live and well - that ones a hard one too.  Lots of folks dont like pits only because they've never had them.  But these dogs are my babies and in my mind theres no sweeter animal than a pit. 

Anyways to make a long story short - Lets all stick together and try a little harder and maybe between a great community of people - we all can make a difference in someones life or maybe even our own.

The only problem I see with Aidpage is that we ALL need help of some sort.  Where are the people that can give us help?  When do they read Aidpage and make comments?  I havent seen any from any of them.  There needs to be a way or a charity to where people that can help - will help.  Make it easy for them to donate to our charity instead of ones they dont even know about. 

Everyone I hope you have a great day and may god be with all of you.  Never give up - the answer is just around the corner. I hope

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